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About us

Hello All!


Thanks for stopping by and visiting our small family business! This has been a fun journey for my wife and I so far and the amount of amazing people we get to meet around the world has been outstanding! 

Some people call you guys clients, but we call you our extended family. In fact, if you ever got to speak to us (1-866-825-5029) you can tell we are a passionate bunch!

Our story began just around the time we got married. We were going through Wedding season, then Engagement season, then Christmas and we began realizing people really liked our gift ideas! In fact, we often times had people come to us asking what gifts they should get for tricky people such as grandma!

Eventually, my wife created a Pinterest board where she would tag all of her ideas, and when I left my job in Accounting and began working with manufacturers, we found that the gift ideas she really liked could be found for much, much lower prices when they came straight from the company! We put two and two together, began buying supplies and created our own version of the highly enticing gifts!

Then Ta-Da! Giftingtons was born.

This has become a very passionate project for us and we always look forward to meeting any new extended family members!

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